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Personal Training with Royal Private Coach (Vancouver / Canada)

No matter what day it is, it is never too late to lose weight and get fit. Just because you're a few months away from your New Year's Eve buzz does not mean that you have to wait until next year to tone your muscle in an exclusive fitness club. 

When you get your personal training services from Royal Private Coach, you're treating yourself to luxury health services that will tone your body, allow you to have more stamina, and give you plenty of opportunities to craft your best self. Whether you train outdoors with your trainer in the beautiful nature sites of Vancouver or you choose to pump iron in our state-of-the-art fitness facility, you will have complete access to the magic that comes with ourpersonal trainers. 


Introduction to Royal Private Coach

Royal Private Coach, as a business, invests in human potential. This means that the trainers and staff work with every client and their personal needs so that they can get the clients the body, energy, and toned muscles that they desire. We at Royal Private Coach do this in a home-like environment. We want all of our clients to feel like they're at home when they enter the fitness facility or meet with one of our trainers. We find that our clients are willing to work a lot harder on themselves in an environment that treats them like friends and family. This is why the training facilities we choseare clean and welcoming. This is also why the trainers in our team work very hard to get to know their clients. 


10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Royal Private Coach Personal Trainer

Royal Private Coach operates as one of the premiere luxury personal training companies in the world. We're excited to open a branch in one of the most health-conscious cities in Canada. Below we will give you 10 reasons why you would be in good hands if you decide to tone your muscle and get fit with our knowledgeable and talented personal trainers. 

1. You Can Exercise In A State-of-the-Art Fitness Club 

When you join Royal Private Coach, you will no longer have to fight for time on the equipment, deal with sweaty machines, or change clothes in a nasty locker room. Our company choses only immaculate facilities, from the equipment to the showers in the locker room. We believe in treating all of our clients like royalty. No one would put fine clients in a seedy setting, so our lush fitness settings invite confidence in our services.

2. You Can Work Out Outdoors

Tired of running on a treadmill? Let us know! Our trainers can have you run the 400(!) steps at Wreck Beach, run the trail at Cleveland Dam, and swim laps at the outdoor Kitsilano pool. Vancouver is a beautiful city where you will have plenty of opportunities to exercise in nature. Mix up your workouts by mixing it up with our trainers in the fresh, clean air of this beautiful city.

3. You Can Switch It Up

According to Women's Health Magazine, you should mix up your workout on a regular basis because doing so will burn fewer calories per workout, which will help you build muscle in the long run. Every 4 to 6 weeks, go from strength building workouts to swim days or cardio routines. They say that "variety is the spice of life" for a reason!

4. You Can Gain Muscle Without Drugs

According to Men's Health, the use of synthetic testosterone by bodybuilders and professional athletes to get more muscle has been prevalent for the past few decades. Because of the notoriety of athletes caught up in cheating scandals, many men believe that they can't get muscle without illegal and expensive help. If you hire the services of a personal trainer from Royal Private Coach, you will learn how to gain muscle in a safe and healthy way.

5. You Can Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

The Canadian Obesity Network found that about a quarter of Canadians over the age of 18 fit the clinical definition of "obese". By hiring one of our personal trainers, we can not only help you lose weight. We can also give you the healthy living tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

6. You Can Learn How To Eat So You Can Thrive

Living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about working out. Royal Private Coach has nutritionists on staff that can teach you how to cook healthy meals at home, eat healthy on the go, and make good decisions when you're in a pinch.

7. You Have Access to Certified Trainers

All of our personal trainers at Royal Private Coach have certification in their specialties. Our trainers have received training from some of the most respected certification bodies and renowned institutions. When you work with our staff, you will always be in safe and knowledgeable hands.

8. You Get Treated As An Individual

At Royal Private Coach, we know that one size does not fit all. That's why our trainers tailor every client's fitness regimen to their individual needs, preferences, and health profile. The work we put into each client ensures that they turn into toned, healthier and fitter versions of themselves.

9. You’ll Get World Class Service From Our Staff

As stated before, we treat all of our clients like royalty. That's because we feel honored whenever someone chooses to train with us. If you choose to work out with our team, we will always work hard to make you feel welcome.

10. You’ll Help Us Do Our Part To Create a Healthier Canada

In a country where 1 in 4 adults are obese, we want to help Canadians live healthier lives by teaching them how to cook healthy meals at home, have more stamina throughout the day, and make exercise a lifelong habit. When you hire a trainer from Royal Private Coach, you're doing your part to make Canada a healthier country.