The foundation of Royal Private Coach

Anita and Jürgen (Athens)
Advertising Eagle

Dear Clients and Personal Trainers, 

Five years ago Royal Private Coach started in Munich / Berlin / Germany with the first team of fine Personal Trainers. Our vision to bring this high level of coaching in a worldwide range became reality 2015/16. It was a great experience and best standard for our brand to attract the BEST talents of the world. Since 2015 we hold the ®trademark rights in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, India, Japan, China, etc.

Our logo means "family" or "home", our main mission is guiding you to your personal goals in a high class and friendly way and setting a new standard for the fitness industry. As a client or personal trainer YOU are the birth of our mission, task and success. Our slogan is "It is all about YOU".

We start in every city global with a small and petite team focused on quality work. In the start process it is important to take time for scouting the best talents and arrange first trial trainings, do annual check ups with the trainers, verify all certificates, insurances, passports, etc. In this way we have a professional and trustful setting and you can just start with a positive experience.

We are very thankful for all the positive feed back which made us going forward to create a worldwide network of positive cooperation for your highest success. We enjoy our work and are honored to work with such great individuals. Thank You !

J&A (Anita & Jürgen / Founders)